Calibration service for analogue gauges from -1 to 4000 bar

Gauges which are in use for a long time should be tested on a regularly basis for their precision. We can check whether your gauge complies to the precision class or not with our gauge test stand.

Calibration and adjustment of gauges from different manufacturers can also be carried out. The precision of your gauge will then be confirmed with our works calibration certificate.

Thread rolling

We produce metric threads from M12 up to M90 and trapezoidal threads up to TR56 chipless on our thread rolling machine by cold deformation. During the cold deformatin process the surface of the rolled thread profile is strengthened.

Hereby the tensile strength and especially the yield strength increases. Further advantages of thread rolling are on the one hand uninterrupted material fibers and on the other hand a very high surface quality.

All in all rolled threads have a longer durability than threads which are cut.

In addition to the constructive design and manufacturing of special screws we also offer you thread rolling as a contract manufacturer.

Additional services

We offer our customers an excellence technical service thanks to the comprehensive knowledge of our long-term employees. Regular maintenances not only increase the safety of your hydraulic tools, but also the reliability. If necessary, tool repairs can be done short-term due to our large spare parts stock, also for third party products.

Furthermore, we offer the renting of our hydraulic tensioners, hydraulic torque wrenches and hydraulic pumps.

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